• Driverless Technology Over the Horizon

    August 27, 2015 | Blog | admin
  • Imagine a world where you don't own a car, you just pickup a driverless taxi on the side of the road and return it when you don't need it anymore. Imagine no railway trains - just long columns of driverless trucks driving export freight to the nearest port along dedicated highway corridors.

    Sound like something from a Hollywood Sci Fi movie? According to one of our transport officials it is nearer to reality than that. In a Transport Summit address given recently, Mr Matthews, CEO of the Ministry of Transport, said New Zealand transport officials were planning now for big changes in transportation that have been created by advances in driverless technology.

    Freight road trains of trucks and driverless cars were just some of the changes anticipated in our lifetime. The only barrier to these changes being introduced seems to be our perception of driverless vehicles. Do we really want to see a driverless society where computers and robots are ruling our roads?