• New Fleet Addition

    One of our latest aquisitions is this new DAF which was purchased in late 2017. The 5-axle CF85 looks sharp with chrome wheels, stainless rear guards and cab side-skirts. The crane mounting, turntable, sub frame and demountable deck were all done by Koromiko Engineering, Mount Maunganui. Check out the specifications for this truck below.

  • 2017 DAF CF85
    Pulls a Factory Built Koromiko 4-axle telescoping trailerMax. hydraulic reach of 21 metres
    Palfinger PK 53002-SH craneMax. lifting capacity of 18200kg
    Detachable fly jibReaches out to 25.2 metres
  • Our Fleet

    Redman Hiabs has a fleet of ten trucks with a variety of options for every job. We have a hiab truck that will suit most cartage and lifting jobs, in most locations. We operate trucks that carry Hiabs with a crane size of 19502, 32080, 42502, 53002 and 65002. We also operate truck and trailer units with a 9m deck for carting long trusses and portable buildings.

    View photos of our trucks at work on our Gallery page.

  • Fleet Details

    Equipment TypeRegistration (Last 3 Digits)Palfinger Hiab Crane
    Hino 700 FY 8x4 Wheel191PK32080
    Hino 700 FY 8x4 Wheel539PK42502
    Hino 700 FY 8x4 Wheel828PK65002SH
    Hino 700 FY Semi Trombone411PK65002SH
    Hino 500 FM 8x2 Wheel827PK19502
    Hino 700 FY 8x4 Wheel347
    Hino 700 FY 8x4 Wheel825
    DAF CF 85:510 8x4 Wheel179PK53002-SH
    DAF CF 85:510 8x4 Wheel605
    DAF CF 85:510 8x4 Wheel281PK42002SH
    DAF CF 85:510 8x4 Wheel548
    Long Flatbed Trailer 4 Axle50W
    Long Flatbed Trailer 4 Axle17M
    Long Flatbed Trailer 3 Axle91T
    Short Flatbed Trailer 3 Axle82T
    Long Flatbed Trailer 4 Axle16J
    Long Flatbed Trailer 5 Axle361
    Long Flatbed Trailer 4 Axle175
    Long Flatbed Trailer 4 AxleN49