• Faster Broadband to Waikato Areas

    August 31, 2015 | Blog | admin
  • Chorus has finished work upgrading a number of broadband cabinets in the Waikato region, meaning more local residents can now benefit from better broadband services.

    The upgraded cabinets are in or near Honikiwi, Hot Water Beach, Kuaotunu and Otewa. The work in the Waikato region is part of Chorus’ involvement in the Government’s Rural Broadband InitiativeAs part of this work, Chorus is upgrading about 1200 broadband cabinets in rural areas throughout New Zealand.

    This latest work means Chorus has now upgraded 133 cabinets in the Waikato region since the Rural Broadband Initiative started.

    "More reliable and consistent broadband speeds will provide faster upload speeds for photographs and images, faster download speeds for music and movies, and better, clearer video conversations with friends and family,” Ed Beattie, Chorus General Manager of Infrastructure says.

    “Better broadband also helps rural businesses connect easily to the world and run applications from cloud-based services, reducing IT costs and improving business resilience.

    “In practical terms for rural businesses, such as farms, this means better connection to services like livestock improvement records and markets overseas, as well as improving time management through online purchasing. Technology plays a big part in modern farming and now residents in these areas can be part of that.”

    For more information on Broadband in the Waikato go to https://www.chorus.co.nz/better-rural-broadband-for-waikato-region